SPORTIS Net was born in the year 2004 due to the need to generate and develop specific services to cover administrations, organizations and society necessities and expectatives around sports sector, looking for them to give an answer to the market demands.

Since then, many collaborative initiatives have been launched, several projects have arisen and new activity segments on added value and knowledge have been developed around sports:

Today, SPORTIS Net turns into a new concept: Living Lab. And it becomes SPORTIS Living Lab, an initiative that looks to the future without forgetting the past, and which aim is to apply the communication and information technologies potential to the sports world.


The importance of sports increases in a progressive way in our society. The growing awareness in our health and wellness increases the economic potential of sports. Furthermore, sports sector encloses several several industrial and service sectors and it represents a way of economic growing, not only for big companies but also for SMEs. The sports sector is a relatively new one and it is generally known for being a sector that easily and quickly assimilates new technologies.

The need to align the sports sector and focus its efforts has been identified at a national and at an international level, with the consequent creation of the European Platform in Sports Innovation (EPSI) and the recently created Spanish Platform in Sports Industry (Inesport).

SPORTIS Living Lab efforts are focused on getting companies, public administrations, research centres and citizens involved in the innovation process co-creating and validating new technologies, platforms, products, services and business models in real and daily contexts.